On Tap @ the Factory

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Production Line

Widget 022 - Super Session-y Session IPA
Widget 023 - Rice Lager
Widget 024 - Rye IPA w/ Juniper


Soulless Series

Available per season (and sometimes beyond)

Spring Soulless - Ginger Peach Cream Ale

Summer Soulless - Lemon Ginger Kolsch

Fall Soulless - Ginger Wheat

Winter Soulless - Gingerbread Brown Ale


Recent Brews

Things you may have had from us at a brew fest recently...

Day Shift - Session IPA

Night Shift - IPA

Graveyard Shift - DIPA

The Boss - Jalapeno Pale Ale

That's So Cuke - Cucumber Saison

Chay-son - Chardonnay Barrel Saison

Spring Soulless - Ginger Peach Cream Ale

Vanilla Bourbon Cream Ale - Cream Ale

Widget 005 - Hazy IPA (Gone Hazy, Be Back Later)
Widget 006 - Tropical Fruit Hard Seltzer (Don't Judge Me)

Widget 008 - Ice Cream Sundae Porter

Widget 009 - WTF IPA

Widget 010 - Butterbeer Hard Seltzer (Yer a Seltzer Harry!)

Widget 011 - West Coast Style IPA

Widget 012 - Dry Hopped Pseudo-Pilsner

Widget 013 - POG Hard Seltzer

Widget 014 - Pear Ginger Hard Seltzer (Swimshirt Seltzer)

Widget 015 - NEIPA

Widget 016 - Cotton Candy (Sweet as Gold) Kettle Sour

Widget 018 - Pilsner (Without Apparel)

Widget 019 - Graf (McGraf the Craft Dog)

Widget 020 - Bourbon Butterscotch Brown Ale

Widget 021 - Pineapple Jalapeno Seltzer

Patchwork - Mosaic Pale Ale

Prickly Pear Hard Seltzer - Seltzer
Raspberry Chocolate Milk Stout - Milk Stout
Whiney Bitch - Barleywine
Unkillable Jim - Stout / Imperial Stout

Winter Soulless - Gingerbread Brown Ale
Grapefruit White Wheat, Wheat Ale

The Notorious P.I.E. - Apple à la Mode Kettle Sour

The Notorious P.I.E. - Cherry à la Mode Kettle Sour

Charm City Sipper - Lemon Peppermint Wheat

Widgets are our fun way of classifying and keeping track of test brews.  These may be as simple as a tweak to an old recipe, something completely new, or something totally off the wall.  They may or may not make the cut, but they're always interesting to try if you can catch one.

What is a Widget?