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Upcoming Events

Saturday April 1st (4p-?)

Gift Horse Brewing (York, PA)

Brew Kids on the Block

"Brewers Choice" Beer Release!

Grandpa's Cough Medicine:

Honey Ale w/ Tea and Lemon

(add a splash of whiskey to cure what 'ales' ya!)

$1 per draft benefits the

American Heart Association


Saturday October 14th (12p-5p)

Yorktoberfest (York, PA)


Previous events/places where you may have had the pleasure of sampling our fine brews (and maybe even got a hug):

Yorktoberfest (2022)
Brew Kids On The Block (Sep 2022) -
Brewers Choice Award Winner
New Freedom Summer Concert (Aug 2022)
Yorktoberfest (2021)
Shrewsbury Fall Food Truck Fest (2021)
King Street Jam (2021)
Schuylkill County Brew Fest (2021)
Shrewsbury Spring Food Truck Fest (2021)

Hibrewnation (2020)
Yorktoberfest (2019)
Brew-Chanan Fest (2019)
4 Local Fest (2019)
Brew Kids on the Block (2019)
Riverside Hops Fest (2019)
Glen Rock Arts and Brew Fest (2019)
Brew-Chanan Fest (2018)
State College Brewfest (2018)
Nikolas Cafe (2017-2018)


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