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About the Factory

Proud purveyors of craft beer, general nonsense, obscenities and badassery in Southern York County.  Right.  So how did it come to that?
It was a dark and stormy night...

No wait, it was a chilly day in February.  That's when this all began. 

We are the guys behind the brew - brothers Rich and Chris - and we began brewing in 2015.   One of us had an idea for an experiment and the other needed to find a new hobby, thus the Factory was born.
Did we start with your typical brew kit? 
Hell no.

We created a Coconut Mocha Porter from scratch.  How's that for a ballsy first foray? 
Amazingly it worked, and more importantly it was good. 


Fast forward through many trials, exploding bottles and crazy experiments and here we are today.   We have peddled our wares at numerous brew festivals in the area over the last few years.  Maybe you've seen us at one.  Sometimes we even give out free hugs along with the beer. 
We also wouldn't be where we are without support from our awesome families as well as help from the other members of our team,  Bobby (all the legality stuffs) and Jason (former head brewer at Gift Horse). 
The mission of C and C Brewing Factory is to produce distinctive handcrafted beers, serve them fresh in our taproom and beyond, as well as provide delicious food options from an on-site food truck, in Southern York County, PA.   We believe in being community conscious and a place where everyone is welcome and hope that our taproom will be exactly that.

Someday we're hoping to get a place of our own up and running though life has given us some twists and turns the last few years so we're not sure when that'll be!  Make sure to check back here or on 'dem social medias to check on our progress!

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